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"Neoliberalism as a historical stage"

"El capital como Espíritu" (Spanish)

"TRANSCRITICA" Prefacio e Introducción (Spanish)

作为精神的资本 (Chinese)

交换模式论入门 (Chinese)

"Introducción a la teoría de los modos de intercambio" (Spanish)

"An Introduction to Modes of Exchange"

"Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy"
(Duke University Press September, 2017)
Introduction PDF

"Nation and Aesthetics: On Kant and Freud"
(Oxford University Press May, 2017)

"Capital as Spirit"
(Crisis & Critique Volume 3/ Issue 3, 2016)

"Introduction à la théorie des modes d’échange" (French)

"La fin de la litterature moderne" (French)




Interview by Joel Wainwright
"Dialogues in Human Geography"
(Volume 2 Number 1 March 2012)

”There is no such thing as Japanese Marxism” (2014)
The Platypus Affiliated Society


Public Talks


"Capital as Spirit"
28 September 2017, University of Valle, Colombia

"Neoliberalism as a Historical Stage"
Center for Social Theory and Comparative History, UCLA
22 May, 2017

"Historical Stages of World Capitalism"
The Ohio State University
13 April, 2017

"Empire and Imperialism"
21 April, 2017
Luskin Center UCL


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(March-June 2017)